Episode 82

FINALE: Getting Closer to What You’re Meant To Do With Annie Schuessler

Published on: 27th November, 2018

This is a special conversation about making a pivot in your business in order to get closer to what you’re meant to do. Annie and I each get personal about the pivots we’re each moving through and we talk about the retreat we’re hosting in 2019 for YOU.


Topics Discussed In This Episode:


  • Owning the work you’re best at
  • Revisioning your business
  • Thinking about your body of work and what legacy you’re creating
  • Mindset issues is that come up when you push the boundaries of your business
  • The Signature Heart And Soul Business Retreat: A retreat for entrepreneurs who are expanding and stepping into bigger leadership: https://connectfulness.com/signature-retreat
  • Letting go of what’s no longer working in your business
  • The process of rebranding during a pivot (both Annie and Rebecca’s experiences)
  • Rebecca’s pivot to Connectfulness (https://connectfulness.com/)
  • Annie’s pivot to Rebel Therapist (https://rebeltherapist.me/)



Resources Discussed:

Join us for two FREE virtual retreats that offer a small taste of the kind of transformative work that will happen over the four days of our Signature Retreat: 


Change Your Relationship With Imposter Syndrome on 12/14/2018  https://connectfulness.com/events/imposter-syndrome


What's Your Most Powerful Leadership Style? on 2/20/2019 https://connectfulness.com/events/leadership-style



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