Introducing the "Why Does(n't) My Partner ...?" Podcast

Published on: 15th March, 2021

My colleagues Jules and Vickey and I just launched a new podcast and I am super excited to share it with you, so I'm sharing it here!!

In this trailer, we're sharing the story of how we met, how we've come to work together, how this podcast came to be, and what you can expect in future episodes. We're calling this podcast Why Does My Partner (or Why Doesn't My Partner, it's interchangeable) because these are the questions we hear over and over again in our offices. We believe these questions lead to the GOLD of relational healing and the answers under these questions will bring us deep into the skills at the heart of deeper relational intimacy, greater health, and fulfillment.

Share your questions with us at:!

If you want to dive in deeper, consider registering for our online Essential Skills Relationship Bootcamp. Open to individuals, couples and therapists. Learn more at

This podcast is not a substitute for therapy with a licensed provider.

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A collection of weekly Connectfulness® Conversations with therapists and and change-makers. we examine how to create deeply restorative ripples of change within ourselves and with the world around us. Connectfulness® begins with the Practice Of Being Seen. Hosted by Rebecca Wong, relationship therapist, mentor and consultant to therapists and change-making professionals .

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Rebecca Wong LCSWR, SEP is a trauma therapist and educator who specializes in integrative modalities for somatic relational trauma resolution. She’s long been on a quest to help folks heal the legacy of transgenerational trauma, increase trust in the wisdom of their protective systems, and develop Connectfulness® practices that support relational wellness for generations to come. Learn more at