Episode 80

Releasing Shame & Reclaiming Desire with Arielle Brown

Published on: 8th August, 2018

Many people feel that they can’t be themselves in relationship, either because of society’s pressure on them to be and act a certain way, or the pressure they feel from a significant other who demands them to be something other than their true self. In this episode we’re talking about Releasing Shame & Reclaiming Desire with Arielle Brown so that our intimate relationships can allow for more alignment between our inner self and our outer reality.


Arielle is a Relationship Coach and Intimacy Educator based in the San Francisco Bay area. She helps visionaries craft intimate relationships with conscious design so they can truly bring their voice and their impact into the world. She says the key is connecting and communicating our desires in ways that release shame and self-doubt and transmit our gifts.


Gender conditioning is one of the obstacles all of us face. We can’t share our gifts when we live with the fear of losing love and having to fit ourselves into “boxes of appropriateness.” Often women believe they need shape themselves into something they’re not. Arielle asks the question, “Who am I and how do I release the fear of how other people perceive me?” She says that doing this kind of work is the only way we can change the current culture around relationships and intimacy.


Arielle shares her personal journey; filled with negative body image, sexual obsessions, an unhealthy relationship with food and emotionally abusive and toxic relationships with men. Her personal transformation journey has been filled with learning true intimacy and sexual healing practices. Her healing work centers on helping people figure out where they are carrying underlying beliefs that undermine the power we seek to embrace and cultivate; which leads to liberating what society teaches you to shut down and conform.


Our conversation also covers simple and practical ways to play with relationship in ways that allow for full expression of self. We discuss how to find balance between controlling desires and the art of being in command of them. Arielle shares her approach to communicate openly and shift dynamics around sexual intimacy. 


Connecting deeper and exploring intimacy requires self-love and compassion---

we all need more of that.





APPETITE is Arielle’s 6-Week Virtual Course for Women Reclaiming the Purity of their Desire, beginning on August 15th, 2018! 

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